The Secret Sauce Behind Appvigil’s Productivity!

I joined Appvigil in November. When I walked into office, I was completely bowled over by the environment – be it those snazzy colored bean bags across the office space, the snappy wall stickers, no enclosed offices or the happy friendly faces I interacted with. The first thing you expect when you walk into a core …

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Appvigil & Quick Heal present the ‘Mobile App Security Meet’

Last few months have been months of app hacks. Slack, Ola, Foodpanda, Zopnow, Ola again, Browserstack, Gaana, Zomato and more. Looming security threats will make startups even more vulnerable with user data always being on prowl. To help and support startups build secure mobile apps with required security standards, we at Appvigil, thought of putting …

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We turn 4 today. Thank You!

This post has been written by Toshendra Sharma, Founder and CEO at Wegilant (Parent company of Appvigil). Today Wegilant celebrates its 4th anniversary. It has been an exciting journey so far, and I hope it only gets better. Throughout this journey, we’ve touched and positively impacted many lives and are honoured to have served the …

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The All New Appvigil is here!

“Constantly think about how you could be doing things better and questioning yourself” – Elon Musk, Founder of Tesla, SpaceX We here at Appvigil, aim at providing an automated security test framework for enterprises, enabling them to test their mobile applications against the state of the art security vulnerabilities. Developers are using Appvigil to scan …

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Hack Your Apps with Appvigil App before Someone Else Hacks It

Android has the largest share of user base among all mobile operating system with 76.6% market share as in fourth quarter of 2014-15. There are 1 billion active android users and 1.3 million apps on Google Play with thousands of them getting added each month. With low entry barrier and high scalability, Android  has become …

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Android Security Bugs, Loopholes and Vulnerabilities

There are around One billion Android users in the world and Android has targeted to take this figure to 2.5 Billion in the coming year. The extensive use of Android devices has given rise to Android Security Bugs, Loopholes and Vulnerabilities. Although Android has security features built into the operating system that significantly reduce the …

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How to Scan Android Apps for Security Vulnerabilities and Loopholes

Security is a major concern and when it comes to the data of your users and clients, it has to be handled with top most priority. Coming to smart phones, 163% increase in mobile malware has been observed since 2012. A 78% of top 100 Android & iOS apps have been hacked, with Android apps leading with 80% of popular free apps being hacked and one out of every ten Android apps affected with malware; according to a recent research. Attacks often occur in the window between when a vulnerability is first exploited & developers issue a release addressing the issue. Security hacks are nightmares for android developers.

Security is a process. It should start during the planning phase itself, evolving with code review. For the same, we have come with Appvigil, an android app security scanner. (more…)

About Appvigil

Why is it needed? With the advent of mobile operating systems like Android, an increasing number of organizations are trying to use Android applications to give their customers ease of access and for greater revenue generation. Many organizations also use Android applications for smooth internal functioning and try to increase employee productivity. One can only …

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