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Beware Netizens! New Virus on Prowl on Social Sites

Cybersecurity experts have alerted Indian internet users from online virus called ‘dorkbot’. This virus perpetrates itself through social sites and steals personal information of a user. Recently, it has been seen affecting operating systems running on Windows.

This malware belongs to the family of worms which have backdoor functionality and spreads through various vectors, including social sites, drive-by-download attacks and compromised websites. It is capable of stealing personal information from the infected devices including browser data, stored passwords, cookies, apps installed, and has a lethal potential to take control of affected system.

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Additionally, this malware infects a system by acquiring fake identities of Skype, Facebook or other social media sites. Furthermore, dorkbot can hide itself by injecting its code into files like ipconfig.exe, cmd.exe, regedit.exe, rundll32.exe, regsvr32.exe, explorer.exe and verclsid.exe. So, it is advised to beware of this malicious virus. 




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